The product line powermaxx within the bluechem family contains articles that were developed for cleaning and maintaining different car system cycles. With the help of our large product range you can take care for the oil and engine cycle as well as for the cooling system in your car. Hence you can extend the life cycle of all the parts. Furthermore powermaxx provides special products to clean the air condition, which might be necessary for allergic persons.

In addition to this articles there are also technical aerosols available, which are usable in many different situation. If you need to clean, maintain or grease something – powermaxx stands for high quality and maximum efficacy!



The full sets from our product line Nano-Technology are ready to use for many different purposes. They always provide absolutely satisfying results, which has been confirmed by TÜV Thüringen: Easy-to-clean effect, reduced soiling levels, improved vision during rain or snow, resistance to antifreeze and washer fluid, reduced insect adhesion etc.

Based on scientific insights the nano seals protect valuable surfaces and avoid sticking of contaminating substances (self-cleaning action). All seals have been tested on many surfaces and have demonstrated their excellence under all kinds of environmental conditions such as rain, snow, sunshine and even extreme temperatures.

PRO-TEC – Solutions

For more than 30 years PRO-TEC has been a global supplier of cleaning, care and service products. Its customers are car manufacturers, transport and industrial companies. All products are best used to clean the inside and outside of cars and trucks and to maintain in a sustainable way a car’s system cycles such as engine oil circulation, the fuel and the cooling system. The benefits are clearly obvious:

Lower fuel consumption – smoother engine run – fewer repairs

While the engine is running our products eliminate completely all contamination and resins. Hence the combustion is optimized, which improves the performance of the engine throughout its life cycle. Furthermore the resulting lower fuel consumption and the minimized exhaust volume reduce the stress on the environment and lead to more reliable and economical engines and plant operations. Because of the easy application and the instant effects of our products we can satisfy our customers all over the world every day again.

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