DPF Cleaner Diesel Fuel Additive Diesel Particulate Filter cleaner German made

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DPF Diesel particular filter Cleaner high quality made in Germany:

• permanent and complete filter cleaning while driving
• no assembling, no disassembling, no standing times, no troubles
• reduces ignition temperature of the soot collected in the diesel particle filter
• no formation of secondary emissions

Product properties:
Suitable for all diesel engines with particle filter, can be mixed with all diesel fuels.

Area of application:
Add to the diesel fuel tank before filling up. Regular use every 3000 miles is recommended.

250 ml for 15 Gallons diesel

Reaction time: Works during operation

Note: if your DPF already clogged ask us about DPF flush

Technical data
Physical state: liquid
Colour: clear/colourless
Odour: aromatic
Flashpoint: 62 °C
Ignition temperature: > 200 °C
Vapour pressure (at 68 °F): 20 hPa
Density at 68 °F: 0.78-0.82 g/cm³
Water resistant