DPF cleaner kit, diesel particulate filter high quality made in Germany

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DPF Cleaner Foam & DPF power clean

Product properties

The DPF/Catalyst cleaner dissolves and removes all contamination and soot residues from the particulate filter and the catalyst - no disassembling required. The product eliminates any performance decrease or disruption caused by contaminated particulate filter and catalysts. DPF / Catalyst cleaner restores the complete function of the diesel particulate filter and catalyst.

The product is also ideal for EGR-valve cleaning.
-Dissolves and removes contamination in the diesel particulate filter and catalyst.
- cleaning without dismantling
- Evaporates residue-free

Area of Application:
Cleaning of the diesel particulate filter and catalyst

Attention: The motor must be in hot operating conditions. shake the can well before use! (Approx. 1 min)
Dismantle the temperature, pressure sensor or access port on the DPF / Catalyst and insert the probe through the opening. spray the cleaner with the probe inserted into the particulate filter / catalyst every 5seconds intervals until the DPF/Catalyst is proper filled with the foam, close the opening after application. when the cleaner has been applied the deposits are released and dispersed in the particulate filter/catalyst. During the normal drive operation the micro-fine dirt particles combustion. Restart the regeneration process through a workshop tester for DPF cleaning. Finally remove the fault memory entry or delete existing errors. Afterwards use the OXICAT in the fuel tank mix it with 15galons on fuel and perform a test drive consisting of about 30 minutes.

DPF Cleaner is usable for all closed particulate filter systems. Check the oil level before cleaning. Oil change is necessary if oil dilution is performed with diesel.

consumption: Sufficient for one application / diesel particulate filter / Catalytic converter.

Also watch YouTube video: https://youtu.be/uBY7zCUa0iM

two products kit size: 400ml and 250ml DPF power clean