Nano Technology Textile Sealant Car Seats Covers fabric Upholstery from germany

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Nano Textile Sealant Set:

The sealed fabrics are lastingly dirt and water resistant. Liquids like coffee, juice or wine simply run off. The sealant is  , breath-able, UV resistant and can be washed and ironed as normal. Perfect for all car seats, upholstery, car covers, tents, outdoor clothes etc.

Product properties:
For vehicle seats, upholstery, convertible tops, outdoor clothing, tents, etc.

Area of application:
Apply the sealant equally on the pre-cleaned and dry surface. Then let sealed surfaces dry well.

250 ml for 2-5 m² up to 54 ft2

Reaction time: Let surfaces dry well


Technical data
Physical state: liquid
Colour: yellow
Odour: odourless
pH-Value (at 68 °F): ca. 4 (1000 g/l)
Melting point: - 1 °C
Initial boiling point and boiling range: 97 - 100 °C (ASTM D 1120)
Flashpoint: > 61 °C (DIN BS EN 22719)
Density at 68 °F: 1,00 g/cm³ (DIN 51757)
Water solubility: miscible